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Making Investors Remember: Lessons from Star Wars

The one thing that experienced fundraisers understand, unlike novices, is that it’s the story investors will remember. Most investors can’t and won’t remember specific numbers. Never try to ‘quant-splain’ to your investors; it will only bore them.

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Books vs Business Cards Which Creates The Best First Impression video

Despite the mere $3.01 publishing cost on Amazon, the true value of these books is the lasting impression they’ll leave on potential collaborators or families I aim to connect with.
As attendees flip through the pages, the aim is to spark intrigue, fostering a desire to delve deeper into the shared insights. This isn’t about creating a bestselling Amazon book; the goal is to extend a handbook to those keen on understanding our operations’ ethos. It’s about making a memorable introduction, establishing a tangible connection that extends beyond the conference, and laying down the first brick on the path of fruitful professional relationships.

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Credibility and Capital :The Power of Authorship in Investing video

Writing a book can quickly establish your credibility, even if you hire someone to write it for you, as long as it reflects your voice. My experience with writing brought different reactions: my second book was seen as technical, while the third was appreciated for its honest approach.

This effort wasn’t just about sharing ideas, but about boosting credibility. It helped attract investment by showcasing not only knowledge but also a strong professional network supporting my ventures. This approach can serve as a guide for others looking to improve their standing in the investment world, especially if they’re just starting out. Writing a book, backed by reputable connections, can greatly help in drawing in investment and improving one’s standing in the field.

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