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I offer customized solutions that enable emerging real estate syndicators and first-time fund managers to quickly establish accelerated capital aggregation structures and systems. This ensures they achieve immediate legitimacy within 30 days, protecting their reputation and preventing the costly mistakes typically made by those lacking trench experience when attempting to navigate these high-stakes challenges alone. 

Back when this happened last, at the age of 29, after departing from a prestigious white shoe investment bank, I successfully raised a significant amount of money from a Park Avenue money manager. This capital was used to purchase a large volume of distressed loans from the storied investment bank, Bear Stearns. Subsequently, I acquired fractionalized commercial first trust deeds and mortgages for pennies on the dollar, utilizing a Dutch Auction technique from a real estate investment bank.

Since then, my focus has shifted to primarily investing my own capital, along with funds from affluent individuals, into Class A, statement-class real estate. This transition has enabled us to undertake what seemed impossible: making direct private investments in early-stage life sciences companies. We are now approaching an intriguing period that promises to revolutionize the industry, eliminating all sell-side Realtors® and investment sales brokers (CCIMs). 

Those who have not mastered the second rule of real estate are likely to fail and humiliate themselves, whereas individuals who grasp and leverage this principle can achieve unprecedented success. This second rule of real estate is to always be raising capital. 

Are you interested in learning how we manage this process, from the first call to funding, as we dive headfirst into this cycle? Would you like to see our business plan, which enables us to accept smaller investments for higher-risk deals and allows us to keep the lights on?

Imagine having this conversation a year from now. Where do you want to be? Opportunities like this cycle, increasingly deep and distressed, come once in a lifetime, and it will end as quickly as it arrived.

Don’t ask me. Ask Eric in the video above. He’s on his way to the pivot of a lifetime.

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