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Disciplined, Determined, and Daring

On June 23, 2016, I’m lying awake watching Bloomberg Television in my hotel room during a conference. in Las Vegas, awake at 2 am.
I’m certain. It’s my favorite feeling in the world.

I’ve just watched the U.K. vote to leave the European Union, or rather “Brexit.” I can’t sleep because I know right then and there
that certain dominos would start to fall.

Trump will be elected as the 45th President of the United States.

And it was time to execute a plan that would call upon many of the close relationships I’ve cultivated over 20 years. I was going to pull 
the ripcord.

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Up until now, we’ve had some significant successes only because we earnestly structured the risk away from our investors.

We dispassionately avoided marginal opportunities and mainstream traps. We invested alongside our clients and peers into statement assets and other best-in-class private opportunities.

Just like most of my contemporaries, my background had taught me to recognize conditions, optimize through diligence and relentless examination, and so on. All that boring stuff you hear on a resume.

Now it was time to double down, and let insight be our guide. Soon, there would be more accommodative fiscal policy changes that we could all benefit from.

Fast forward to today, because of those decisions I made then created 
some outstanding successes that can only be attributed to the strength of 
my network.

I was able to make faster decisions, access resources faster and, best yet work with world-class operators, investors, lawyers, and experienced entrepreneurs 
to create opportunities together that we would never have been able to accomplish on my own. 

In today’s globally interconnected society, we’ve become far more transactional, and less transformative.

To be transformative, you need to have the trust of your fellow peers, and that only happens by building genuine relationships. Building and maintaining relationships requires effort and expense that unfortunately few people today are willing to invest anything into. Sometimes that means putting others’ needs and ideas first ahead of yours.

Based on my experience, I can say that these long-term transformative relationships have enabled me to have a successful track record in investing, become an author to some of the most expensive books written on investing, and many other accomplishments.

Today, my firm is celebrating 20 years. We put sophisticated people into world-class opportunities never known to those outside of the inner circles.

To me, excitement comes from working with people who share the same value as you do, by executing ideas and creating a significant legacy together.

Transactional vs. Transformative

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About Sal

Salvatore M. Buscemi, a notable figure in the world of finance and real estate, has made a name for himself through his impressive portfolio of investments and his leadership roles in various investment offices.

Currently serving as the CEO and Co-Founding Partner of HRN, LLC, a private multi-family investment office, as well as the CEO for Dandrew Partners Capital Management, Buscemi has demonstrated a keen eye for successful investment strategies. He also serves as the Managing Partner for several other direct investment vehicles, spanning multiple asset classes in commercial real estate and credit, fine art private credit facilities, special situations, and well-performing life sciences investments, among others.

Early on in his career, Buscemi founded and operated two distressed real estate credit platforms, including a distressed whole loan fund backed by a $2 billion Park Avenue investment manager. In 2010, he co-founded the Oasis Fractional Real Estate Equity fund in Las Vegas, an institutional fund oriented solely toward the acquisition, management, and redemption of broken, fractionalized private commercial mortgage assets. Through targeted allocations into life sciences and other special situations in private equity and venture investments, Buscemi has made successful principal investments in companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and Tocagen.

In 2018, Buscemi formalized a special-purpose investment facility called Dandrew Partners Encore Ventures, designed to invest into special situations in earlier-stage and later-stage private companies. This opportunistic fund principally invests in basis-driven opportunities across the capital structure, into opportunities operated by experienced and pedigreed entrepreneurs who have all had successful, audited exits in their respective industries.

As an author, Buscemi has penned several books on fund management and real estate private lending. His first book, “Making the Yield: Hard Money Lending Uncovered,” became one of the most expensive books on real estate investing on Amazon. His second book, “Raising Real Money: The Handbook for the Aspiring Real Estate Fund Manager,” speaks to emerging managers looking for a practical guide to operating a real estate credit or equity fund. His third book, “Investing Legacy: How the .001% Invest,” provides a glimpse into the investment biases and non-quantitative drivers for investment decision-making among the world’s wealthiest and most powerful families, commonly referred to as the .001% of society.

A frequent speaker and guest lecturer on real estate finance, Buscemi has written numerous articles on the topic of real estate and private equity finance in various publications, including Investor’s Business Daily, Business Insider, Forbes, and as a guest contributor for He has also made appearances on television shows like CBS New York, Good Morning LaLa Land, and Ticker News.

Buscemi is a graduate of Fordham University and began his career at Goldman Sachs in Investment Banking in New York City and currently resides in Miami, Florida. His impressive track record of successful investments and his leadership roles in various investment offices have made him a highly respected figure in the world of finance.

Salvatore Buscemi Image
Salvatore Buscemi Image