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Investing Legacy:

How the .001% Invest


“I want you to benefit from nearly 20 years of the hard-won knowledge I’ve gained from advising the top .001% wealthiest families. I’ve dedicated my career to helping them protect their investing legacy for the long term, surviving well beyond the “third-generation curse,” a point where most fizzle out.

The same advice I give them is inside Investing Legacy: How the .001% Invest. This book can help you rise above the challenges to help you build a formidable and enviable investing legacy that will last.”

Salvatore Buscemi

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Making The Yield:

Real Estate Hard Money Lending Uncovered

“Private lending is where all the action is. Being able to get into private lending is a whole other animal unless you can learn from one of the best. Sal Buscemi is definitely in that group and when I decided to greatly increase my intellectual capital Mr. Buscemi is came to the rescue in more ways than one. I’ll always be in his debt.”

Jerome Moss

Raising Real Money:
Real Estate Funds Uncovered

The Foundation Handbook for the
Aspiring Real Estate Fund Manager


5.0 out of 5 stars Must have title for all serious real estate investors and entreprenuers!
Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2015
Verified Purchase

“I have had the privilege of reading nearly every major real estate investment book since my law school days. I can say if you own only five this goes in that stack.

Sal does a really outstanding job of communicating the mindset, skillset, strategies and tactics that it takes to run an effective fund. The attitude and responsibility of being a steward of others capital is a weighty responsibility. This title will empower you to the realities of managing downside risk….job #1 in my book.

This book is also useful to vet out lenders that you want to borrow from and or invest with. If they are deviating very far from the proscriptions in Sal’s work….run don’t walk away.”

Amazon Customer

Calling The Capital:

20 Ways to Incorporate Urgency Into Your Capital Raise Without Sounding Desperate


“This book has given me another and much better site for the future of my deals, company and the method of been a honest private lender with greater governance practices and processes. Well put together book and a wealth of information!”


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