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Shifting from Email to Phone Calls: Engaging Investors in the Digital Age

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In this thought-provoking dialogue, we delve into the optimal use of phone calls and emails for establishing and nurturing investor relationships. We highlight that as a founder or CEO, it’s often best to spend your time on the phone, discussing business and opportunities with potential investors.

We also point out the shifting communication dynamics in today’s business world. It used to be that you could call anybody anytime, but needed permission to send an email. Now, the opposite seems to be the case. This change prompts questions about when and how a founder should transition from email to phone communication.

We stress the importance of building a relationship before making a phone call. We don’t recommend cold-calling without a pre-established relationship. Instead, we suggest meeting potential investors at conferences, sending a text or email first, or scheduling a call.

For founders who have already pitched to investors and are awaiting a response, we suggest breaking the impasse by making a follow-up phone call. We also recommend that founders ask for permission to keep investors updated during the initial pitch. This permission paves the way for future communications and can help forge a relationship.

We underline that investing goes beyond just writing a check—it’s also about understanding and connecting with the person behind the business. Investors want to comprehend the body language, tonality, and other non-verbal cues that can only be grasped through direct interaction, such as phone calls or in-person meetings.

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